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The World Health Organization has recommended acupuncture treatments

Point Location Cupping

Point Location

  • Locating acupuncture points requires a knowledge of basic anatomy and the use of skeletal [bony] landmarks on the body.
  • The Chinese created a system of measurement that was relevant to each person and based on their body size.
  • This unit of measurement is called a CUN.
  • One cun is the width of the interphalangeal joint of the thumb or the width of the thumb crease.
  • Different areas of the body are assigned different measurements.
  • For instance, the distance from the elbow crease to the wrist crease is 12 cun.
  • Another example is from the outside "eye" of the knee to the outside mound or malleolus of the ankle is 16 cun.
  • Using this method as a guide the acupuncture points can be located on virtually any body size.
  • Accurate location of the points is essential to achieving good therapeutic results.
  • The proper insertion and manipulation of the needle will produce the "arrival of Qi".
  • A sensation of soreness, numbness, or a distending feeling are common. It may be a tingling or electric sensation extending up or down the affected meridian.
  • The temporary discomfort is usually mild.

Cupping is a technique using glass cups

  • In ancient times animal horns were used.
  • A vacuum is created via heat, attaching the cup to the surface of the skin
  • The cup is left on for up to 10 minutes
  • There will usually be a bruise or contusion (this is a desired therapeutic effect) where the cup was attached, and usually disappears within a week.
  • The indications for cupping include warming and promoting the free flow of Qi and blood in the meridians, and diminishing swelling and pains.
  • The Chinese use this technique to treat BI-syndromes or what Western medicine knows as Rheumatoid and other forms of arthritis.

Moxa Sticks

  • Moxa sticks are made of mugwort wool wrapped in a paper made of mulberry bark and resembles a cigar. One end is ignited and after an ember forms, it is manipulated above the prescribed acupuncture points for the desired amount of time.
  • Moxibustion is a method that makes use of heat through burning of a medical herb called ARTEMESIA VULGARIS.
  • The wool from this plant is considered yang in nature and therefore warms the meridians and expels cold.
  • Regular use on certain points is considered to prevent diseases and keep one healthy.
  • There are different methods of moxibustion which include direct moxa, indirect moxa, warming needles and the moxa sticks.
  • The direct type places the moxa on the skin where it is burned, creating a scar. This is a Japanese method and is not often practiced in this country.
  • Indirect moxa makes use of a thin slice of either ginger or garlic or salt. Each has it's own healing properties.
  • For Example: The ginger is placed on the chosen acupuncture point and the moxa wool is placed on the ginger. It is then burned and the heat and medical properties of the moxa and ginger are introduced into the meridian.

Electro-stimulation or multipurpose health device

is a modern tool that puts out low voltage current in the same frequency range as that of the human body.

  • Small alligator clips are attached via a wire to the machine.
  • The clip is attached to the needle after it has been inserted.
  • A range is found that is comfortable for the patient,
  • but that will also produce the desired therapeutic effect.